What Size Do I Need?

North State Storage offers a variety of unit sizes to accomodate practically every need. Our storage professionals will help you to determine which unit size is best suited for you or your business. Please click on the size for each available unit to see more details:

Unit Size:  Click to Enlarge:
Equivalent to: Home / Residential: Business / Commercial:
(225-250 cu. ft.)
5'X5' unit Regular Closet Ideal for personal records. Ideal for office and/or tools and equipment.
(450-500 cu. ft.)
5'X10' unit Walk-in Closet Great for small furniture, outdoor tools/ornaments, lawn mowers, bicycles and motorcycles. Great for small office furniture, equipment and limited stock.
(675-750 cu. ft.)
5'X15' unit One-third of a one-car garage Accomodates small furniture from a 1 bedroom apartment or small miscellaneous boxes and items. Accomodates small furniture, small miscellaneous boxes and file cabinets.
(900-1000 cu. ft.)
10'X10' unit Half of a one-car garage Ideal for larger items from a 1-3 bedroom home or apartment. Ideal space for small office equipment and stock items.
(1800-2000 cu. ft.)
10'X20' unit Standard one-car garage Holds furniture and appliances from a 2-3 bedroom house; accomodates a car or truck. Holds larger office furniture, several file cabinets, boxes, and miscellaneous items.
(2700-3000 cu. ft.)
10'X30' unit Standard two-car garage Ample space to hold furniture, boxes, and appliances from a large home. Perfect size for large retail stock items, several large pieces of office equipment or furniture.