Our Services

Indoor hallways are among our self storage facility features.

NSS Management Services

NSS Management offers full management of self-storage investments from initial site selection and set-up to on-going responsibility for the management and performance of storage facilities.

This comprehensive management package covers all areas of self-storage management including:

  • Site selection and feasibility
  • Facility set-up
  • Recruitment, training, and supervision of facility management and staff
  • Operating and customer service procedures
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Preparation of operating budgets and management accounts
  • Cash Management
  • Insurance
  • Information technology systems
  • All day-to-day administration and operational issues
  • Quarterly financial reports

NSS Management also provides special management services, including:

  • Assessment and implementation of the application of capital to facilities
  • Undertaking quality control inspections and audits
  • Design of storage unit layout

NSS Licensing Services

The Licensing Agreement provides access to the North State Storage brand, providing the right to use the NSS trademark in the conduct of the facility operations

North State Storage licensing services will include:

  • Installation of signage/branding (exterior & interior)
  • Utilization of branded website (includes pay-per-click advertising, as well as, search engine optimization)
  • Negotiation of competitive arrangements for retail goods and services
  • Development of branded yellow-page advertising
  • General branding advice and counseling.

Additional services may be provided on a cost recovery basis.

For more information, please call Cynthia Ashby at (919) 313-2758. We look forward to speaking with you.